About Us

For addressing the intellectual, social and emotional needs of each child through child centred and academically rigorous curriculum, an intellect group of five young, energetic and dynamic persons launched this school on the outskirts of Muzaffarpur Town at Dighra, a suburb area on Muzaffarpur- Samastipur Highway on 27 May, 1999.

Elegance of the school is its landscape includes the eye-catching greenaries, thinly population, pollution-free and noise-free out- campus area, highly suitable for learning and study purpose.

Artistry of the school is its building which has well ventilated and well-lit large sized class rooms, well equipped laboratories of different subjects, a well arranged library with large no. of textbooks, reference books, journals, magazines and newspapers, clean and hygienic lavotaries, availability of quality drinking water, well sanitised common parts, and spacious and airy teaching staff spaces.

Delicacy of the school is its Learning Profile which leads the students to become open minded, caring, good communicators and ready to take responsibility with their early age.

Beauty of the school is its classroom teaching which focuses on making the student able to study positively, to persevere and complete the tasks within stipulated time, to inquire freely, to think and work independently, to take responsibility, to help the classmates and schoolmates, to respect the teachers, non-teaching staff and the schoolmates, to work well in group task and to communicate well. The language of instruction and inclusion at the school is English.

Pride of the school is its well-qualified, well-trained and well- mannered teachers who are very friendly, supportive and caring to each and every student of their classes. Despite that they are motivated to attend in-school and out-school training and orientation programme time-to-time for developing their quality of teaching, overcoming the work stress and balancing the intra- and inter-faculty competition as well as for becoming academically and technically sound enough in this age of vast competition among the schools.

Charm of the school is its non-teaching staff who are well mannered, well adept and well trained in handling the student-related problems and situations in a very professional manner involving their IQ and EQ, both.

Pinnacle of the school is its discipline for which not only teachers and non-teaching staff but also the students keep their power dry.

Attraction of the school is its large playground, sports facilities and sports-curriculum which are specifically designed for all round development of physical, mental and emotional strength of its each student.

Allure of the school is its Motto, " Character with knowledge", which is essential for encouraging and motivating the students to appreciate the nation's culture and civilization, and to look for opportunities to serve and care for society, family and environment around them.

G.K. Mallik