About Us

On the 27 May 1999, a group of five young men met together and decision was taken to start a school, which would be different from the other in respect...
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History of School

The prosperity of the country depends not on its revenues, nor on its strength of fortification, nor on the beauty of its buildings and monuments but on its cultured and cultivated...
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Vision & Mission

Fighting ignorance is our mission. We wish to impart human value based education coupled with logical thinking for achieving an honest prosperity of mind and matter...
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Our academic aim is to educate our students to lend them eloquence in self expression and nurture the erudite in each one. Education aims at making...
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The curriculum is based on CBSE’s latest guidelines. Apart from planned and time-bound course knowledge, we inculcate in our standard curriculum, motor and communicational skills, etiquette mannerism, truth, honesty, bravery and compassion by various ways. The promotion of a student to the next higher class is based on performance. The progress report includes other achievements too.

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Holy Mission Senior Secondary School, Muzaffarpur

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0621 - 2271800 / 09534397089

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